Funshop Believes

Fun is voluntary

Fun that's mandatory is funishment. You have to want it, or fun doesn't happen.


Fun is human

Funshop uses machines to create fun – we use Adobe Illustrator to make Sticky cartoons.

But we don't measure fun with a machine. We exist because fun is fundamentally human.

You can't make digital copies of fun, or an app that creates it. Fun needs people.


Fun is individual

Your fun isn't my fun. Your fun work is drudgery to me. Every person has fun in their own way.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't general principles. It just means you can't make fun a recipe that everyone will enjoy – or punch out fun on an assembly line.


Funshop doesn't make fun, or bring fun – we're fun farmers.

Fun is like a beautiful plant. It grows from fertile soil in the proper climate.

Funshop isn't about transplanting fun. It's about preparing the soil, and fertilizing, and pulling out weeds. Your fun grows it's own way. We just help make it possible.


If it isn't fun to make, it won't be fun.

You can't build fun in an unfun way. You can't measure fun with a boring, tedious test. A survey that was no fun to make will be no fun to take.

At Funshop, we ask, "Why isn't this fun?" every time we do something that isn't –– and there's almost never a good reason. So we make it fun.

A woman asked a priest a deep question. The priest believed the world rode on the back of a cosmic turtle. She asked what the turtle was standing on. His reply: "It's turtles all the way down." At Funshop, we believe it's fun all the way down. And all the way up.


We believe it's important to have fun! For your business, for your life, for your soul.  And . . . why not now?