Think back to the last time you had fun at work while working. We'll bet that:

You do better work when it's fun.

Fun work makes more money and feels more successful.

We can prove it.

Have you ever had fun at work while working?

Work should be fun. Why? Because it's better. More productive. More effective. More creative. And it feels like success while being more successful.

Funshop applies methods validated by peer-reviewed research to make the work itself fun. And we measure success by the most stringent metric: how much fun is your work, and is that fun spread around evenly?


The Fun Challenge

Our relationships begin by offering a challenge based on our fun metric: we measure the fun in your organization, and demonstrate that fun correlates with your own performance metrics. We can pick your best team based on how much fun they’re having, and how evenly it’s spread. Our goal is to make you believers in the value of our kind of fun work before we deliver anything you pay for.

Fun work?? Are you serious?

Really serious. But we don't mean casual Fridays, foosball tables, brightly painted and cleverly decorated workspaces, or teambuilding exercises on the climbing wall. Fun work is work, not playtime at work. Quarterly "fun" activities may have temporary effects on morale, but fun work is every day, and has direct effects on your bottom line.

Is Fun the new Killer App?

Killer app? No. Fun work is the cherry on top of a lot of scoops of hard work, good management, and well-functioning systems. A fun workplace is built on a solid foundation. Fun can't be applied like a coat of paint, or readily scaled, or implemented on smart devices. Just as fun work is your best work, a fun workplace is your workplace at its best. And that takes time, and concerted effort, and support. It can't be bought, programmed, or mandated.

Learn more about why fun is essential to the success of your business here. Read about some of the methods Funshop uses to help make your work fun – and more productive – in this blog post. We can even make cleaning the toilets fun! And please contact us.

Funshop logo

Meet Sticky the Funman. He's our alter ego, the Everyman who cares about fun at work. Here he's sharing a "Eureka!" moment of personal fun.

If you like Sticky, go get one! Free!

Or download the audiobook version of The Fun Manifesto to hear a longer explanation.

Have you ever had fun taking a survey?

Fun? Taking a survey? We didn't think so. It isn't easy to do, but it's worth a lot. You will get more responses. A lot more responses. And better data that's easier to understand. And you'll market your business in the best possible way.


5000% better is a conservative estimate

Unbelievable? Funshop surveys have one thing other surveys don't. Funshop surveys are fun to take. Everyone else has to pay people to take surveys, or promise a chance to win a big prize. Funshop surveys are better because people enjoy taking them.

That means more people take Funshop surveys. We design them so you capture responses from 50% of your customers. Most customer surveys get about a 1% response. That's a 5000% improvement. And you'll get better data as well as much more of it. See why here.

You'll leave a sweet taste

Now remember the survey that popped up the last time you made a web transaction. Were you thrilled? Did you take it? We didn't think so.

Don't make a bad last impression on your customers. A pleasant last experience can turn a customer into a repeat customer. Funshop surveys get more (and better) information, but they also leave customers with a smile on their face. Why not market your business while you gather feedback?

Funshop survey example

Try our sample survey – it's just one question:

Then check out the annotated version where we explain some of our methods:

Then contact us to get your own Funshop survey!

Sticky Funman doesn't employ clowns

Funshop doesn’t employ any clowns

Know this: we aren’t entertainers, motivational speakers, or interior designers. Our backgrounds are in academic research, biotech start-ups, national security, aerospace, corporate training, and teaching. We’re not optimists – we’re optimistic. We’re not fun – we want to have fun. And what’s fun for us is hard work that kicks ass and means something. Work that makes positive, sustainable, and reproducible changes that people will pay their hard-earned money for because they work – and keep working. Funshop is serious people who are serious about fun.

And yes: we did fiddle a bit to get the initial drop-cap characters to spell "fun work."

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But, most importantly, please go out and have fun!   and . . . why not now?