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Our prize for you is a free Funshop Sticky cartoon. Click on the one you want, type in your email and any comments you'd like to make, and hit the get your Sticky button. This will begin the download of a 7" x 7" Sticky PDF, suitable for high-resolution printing. Enjoy! and have fun!

If you or someone you know is visually impaired, you'll find a link below that let's you download an audiobook version of our Fun Manifesto. We want everyone to have more fun.

Stickys from our Example Survey

Here you can choose from one of the Stickys featured on our Example Survey. They're oriented to the office worker as well as to the majority of us that spend way too much time in front of a computer at work. Enjoy!

Complimented Sticky Comprehending Sticky Disapproved Sticky Eureka Sticky Solved Sticky Frustrated Sticky Hurried Sticky Defeated Sticky No Clowns Sticky Punished Sticky Puzzled Sticky Zoned-Out Sticky

or Get the Sticky of the Week!

We put up new Stickys every week, and leave them up for three weeks. This week's is titled Best Work is Fun, and it's from my blog post that explains why fun is essential to business success. On the left is last week's Sticky, Mad DNA Scientist, which I made for my friend who works at Genentech. Two weeks ago I featured No Fun Sticky (far right), though my fellow Fun Scientists all suggested that it should be titled REALLY Fun!

Mad DNA Scientist Sticky Best Work is Fun Sticky No-Fun Sticky

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We hope you appreciate this enough to drop us an email and a few comments. We respect your privacy! That means we will only contact you if you make it clear that you want it. Fun is voluntary.

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